Senior Telecommunication Analyst: Job Requirements

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Telecommunication Analyst – Freelance Job Opportunities:

We are searching for a Senior Telecommunications Analyst for our business clients, the resources will be answerable for offering support and maintenance for a wide variety of Enterprise infrastructure platforms and will add to the management of ongoing incidents and issues including for on-demand obligations as well as a Level 3 escalation point.

By researching roles on Field Engineer, you can find more detailed descriptions as part of telecom job adverts.

Senior Telecommunication Analyst/Consultant Job Responsibilities:
  • Assessment of arising analytics tools and products related to troubleshooting complex issues, the capacity to recognize and resolve productivity and process gaps as well as suggest plan enhancements and gaps where needed
  • Act as Subject Matter Expert on Teams uphold and operational proprietorship
  • Resolve and act as escalation and coordination point for incidents and issues related to escalations from operations and performs root cause analysis
Senior Telecom Analyst Job Activities:

Make more technology updates -

• Adapt to changes in PBX network settings
• Perform fundamental quality tests to affirm the power of additions, deliveries, and adjustments.
• He or she may need to maintain a steady situation as a component of exchange within the team.
• This requires 27 * 7 at the stop time.
• Especially work under rotating shifts

Network Planning and Technology -

• Develop data and plans for essential networks or complex network parts with limited administration.
• Rate the network with limited administration.
• Troubleshooting on complex networks.
• Understand and clarify network security development.
• Attend ISD and related gatherings, as required.
• Manage request communications in all cases, including significant travel and distribution.

Network /Telecom Programming/Analytics System -

• Develop smart, simple solutions for decision making.
• Participate in the creation, development, and assessment of balance in modern communication software systems.
• Real-time planning and scheduling.
• Practical knowledge of software and tools to distinguish and assess issues constantly related to network performance.
• Participate in an organization/deployment related network association.

Answerable for projects as given -

• Organize and direct business-related assignments and finishing them on time.
• Provide project reports, as required, and record the status of the project and related information.

Provide support as needed by ISD Disaster Recovery Program -
  • Programs, voice messages, wires, and other related communication technologies.
Voice/Telephony technology -
  • Practical knowledge of application, software, and network segments of voice/phone technology and networks.
  • Applies knowledge of complex phone technology to create smart designs and documentation methods for operation and monitoring.
  • Show the capacity to analyze, fix, and report (work streams) designs for complex phone applications.
  • Recognize, decide the reason, and right work damage.
  • Recognize voice network security dangers and implement safety efforts to address or avoid those dangers.
Provides maintenance and support -
  • Services for plugins, transfers, and adjustments on PBX, Mail, cable, and every related database.
  • Monitor and solve issues, to guarantee appropriate service delivery.
Protect the integrity and privacy -
  • For all organization worker information and data as per company information and data security methods and strategies.

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